FabFitFun Box Review & $10 Off Your First One


After seeing many Facebook videos of celebrities and reality tv stars opening their FabFitFun boxes, I had to get in on the fun and see what it was about!  How exciting to have this box full of surprise goodies arrive at your door!?!  This box is seasonal so just 4 a year rather than monthly. It comes filled with full size products ranging from skincare to makeup to fitness items and the total value of this box was over $350!

How it works is you can opt to pay up front for the year for $179.99 or just pay $49.99 for each box and you’ll be charged before it ships (this is what I did) .  Doing the annual plan allows some special perks like priority shipping and you can customize items.

You can also get $10 off your first box here!



So here’s what I got:

Gypsy05 Roundie beach/picnic blanket – $50.  Can’t wait to use this summer!

Milly Zip Pouch – $45.  There were different versions included in boxes and I was really hoping I’d get the Beach Please one but oh well.  This is cute too.

Karuna Hydrating Mask – $28.  I loved this!!  Amazing for dry skin though you look kind of scary wearing it.

RealHer Lip Kit – $48.  This was another product that had different options but since I just had the seasonal plan, I couldn’t pick.

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion – $79.  I’d likely not spend that on a skin care product so I’m excited to get to try this out!

Briogeo Leave In Conditioner Spray – $20.  I’m not really into hair care products but honestly this stuff is amazing!  100% will be buying again.

Deborah Lipman Nail Polish set – $19.  So apparently this is by a celebrity manicurist and I’m excited to try this out!

Luv AJ Earring Set – $85.  The highest price point in the box, super cute but one of mine was missing a stone.  I wrote in and they sent me a new one and I didn’t even have to bother sending the other one back.

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies – $10

All in all I loved the experience and excitement of the surprise as well as the products I received. You can do the math and see you’re really getting bang for your buck with all these products.  Another bonus, I felt that they picked high quality products from ethical companies.  For example, Gypsy 05 incorporates organic fabrics and uses printing techniques that are better for the environment.  RealHer is all natural, cruelty free make up that also gives back through donating “20% of all gross profits to the American Association of University Women (AAUW)”.  I love supporting companies that with a mission!


DC Vegfest 2016


This past Saturday I ventured out to DC VegFest in Washington, DC and was so excited to try some yummy vegan food!  I was only there for just over an hour so I didn’t get to check out every booth or vendor.  I actually had looked at a map of the exhibitors and vendors thinking I could be strategic with my time but then I just went freestyle and wandered, stopping by whatever had a crowd or sounded good. So here’s a quick recap of a few of my favorites.

Ben & Jerry’s – Non Dairy PB & Cookies

pb-and-cookies-non-dairy-detailWhen I saw the Ben & Jerry’s trunk I made a beeline through swarms of people, dogs, unruly kids, and strollers. Yep that’s right, Ben & Jerry’s has non-dairy ice cream.  And not just fruity sorbet.  This is was actually where I started because why not have dessert first.  This was soooo good that I actually had to question whether it was real ice cream and I had to remind myself that it was an all vegan festival so it had to be. Even my dairy ice cream loving BF couldn’t believe it was non dairy.  We gobbled this up before I could get a photo.



Barefoot Bucha

img_4524I always enjoy trying new kombucha and I really liked that this was kind of local to me.  Just 2 hours south in Afton VA which is near Charlottesville.   Side note – great area to visit…lots of amazing wineries and breweries there and the Farmhouse at Veritas is a fantastic place to stay.  Back to Bucha – I sampled the black raspberry and LOVED it!  I had to have more and shelled out $5 for a 12oz pour and it was well worth it.  They were serving on tap which was kind of cool.  Apparently that is a thing, kombucha on tap, and they serve at Whole Foods.  I’ll be checking my neighborhood WF soon for this.  Also pretty sweet is how green they are for selling on tap and you bring your glass bottle to refill.


Treeline Nut CheeseTreeline Nut Cheese

Photo credit: http://www.treelinecheese.com

I am always excited to try some of these “fancy” nut cheeses and this one had line to get a sample so I had to get a taste.  My favorites were the soft French style cheeses almost like a spread.  Herb Garlic and the Chipotle Serrano Pepper were two standouts for me.  I thought the Herb Garlic would be a great cream cheese alternative to put on a bagel.  I gobbled up my samples before I could get a photo.



Yeah Dawg

hot-dogsAfter checking out the food vendors, all of which had long lines, I settled on a vegan hot dog.   If I was going to buy a full size meal, I wanted something good and something I couldn’t get anywhere.  These guys are from New York and I can’t actually get their hot dogs down here, plus just in general it’s hard to find a good veggie dog.  And judging by the line, I thought they must be good!  So 30 minutes in line later, we had 2 tasty dogs.  A New York with kraut, relish, and mustard, and a Cali Kush with kale ceasar, avocado, coconut bacon, and chipotle mayo.  Sounds like a lot going on but this was actually my favorite of the two.  The dogs are actually gluten-free too!