Sandwiches & Tacos

White Bean & Herb Burgers

I love, love, love sandwiches.  There’s just something awesome about stuffing a bunch of stuff between bread.  I like making vegan burgers with beans because it’s great vegetarian protien component.  You can also freeze these so you have them on hand.  For toppings I used arugula tossed with lemon vinaigrette, tomato and of course avocado, just because… Continue reading White Bean & Herb Burgers

Sandwiches & Tacos

Summer Vegetable & Lentil Taco Filling

On my quest to create some awesome vegan recipes with ingredients you can buy at Trader Joes, I stumbled upon an easy taco filling.  Substitute any other of your favorite vegetables!  Just take note that their taco seasoning is bit spicy so go easy with it and if you want to use less you can add in some… Continue reading Summer Vegetable & Lentil Taco Filling

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Falafel Spiced Roasted Chickpea Tacos

I really love falafel.  So much in fact that at one point I created a baked falafel recipe in my early days of blogging.  I’ve been meaning to revisit this recipe to see how I could revamp it, but to have to bust out the food processor, form little patties, and all that, just hasn’t been… Continue reading Falafel Spiced Roasted Chickpea Tacos

Sandwiches & Tacos

BBQ Tempeh Sandwich with Coleslaw & Avocado

Can it just be summer already!?  The days are getting longer, the flip flops have had a couple outings, and baseball is here but I’m done with wearing a coat to the games.  So yea, I’ve been daydreaming about all things summer and it shows with what I’ve been craving. This is the first of many summer recipes… Continue reading BBQ Tempeh Sandwich with Coleslaw & Avocado